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About Photo Phlattery Photography

{This Picture was taken of me by Will King during our 6+ Hour Mentoring Session.}

Picture taken by Will King during our 6+ Hour Mentoring Session

Bridget Colbert’s Photo Phlattery – Established September 2012

Welcome to Photo Phlattery, my 5th Baby! Yes, I am a mother to 4 Beautiful girls, step mom to a Wonderful son & daughter, a wife to one Handsome Hardworking Husband, a Big Sister to 6 unique sisters, a daughter of not only an awesome mom but my Best Friend, a Friend to many, an avid crafter, and now a photographer in the making!

I absolutely adore each of my clients & love creating lasting relationships with them!  I love working with Newborns… it’s my passion.  I have made newborn photography my focus.  I know how to get great images with babies safety always in mind!  I dabble in all other photography… after all… I LOVE meeting new people and doing what I do!

Let me briefly tell you about how my journey began:

After modeling for a good four plus years, I finally decided to step behind the camera.  I always thought about it, but… being my own worse critic at times… I wondered if it was something that I could do.  I found myself passing locations and thinking “Agh, that would be an awesome place to shoot” or watching television shows and thinking the same thing!  Many of the photographers I worked with complimented me on my ideas I brought to their shoots and often said our sessions together were some of their favorites.  This helped encourage the idea that I may just be able to do this!  So I decided to put my fears aside, and pick up the camera.

I went with a Nikon (don’t hold it against me Canon people).  So I wouldn’t take from our family budget, I sold my nice elliptical (guess I will hold on to this 10 extra pounds haha) and purchased my first DSLR.  I decided from day one to switch to manual and learn the ropes.  I researched and researched… watched tons of videos… and practiced non stop. I had an awesome friend (True Exposures Photography) that gave me several pointers and I’ve attended several workshop.  I did a one on one mentoring session for the whole day with the amazing Will King Photography (you should look him up) & even did a 3 day workshop with one of my favorite newborn photographers Kimberlin Grey Photography.

Here I sit…. A Calendar booked, averaging a minimum of 30 full sessions a month, and so honored to be where I am and have the amazing clients I have!!!  I am learning more and more every day and am so humbled by all of the love and support I have received!  I can’t wait to learn more!  Be sure to add me on Facebook and keep up with my growth!

Now check out this quick shot of our Brady Bunch Crew! This was totally unplanned and thrown together.  We went to the studio for other reasons… I grabbed some prop clothing to throw on the smallest two… and decided to go for it!  The ones with headbands are my daughters… and the other cuties are my bonus babies!

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