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About Photo Phlattery Photography

{This Picture was taken of me by Will King during our 6+ Hour Mentoring Session.}

Picture taken by Will King during our 6+ Hour Mentoring Session. 2013

Bridget’s Photo Phlattery – Established September 2012

Welcome to Photo Phlattery, my 5th Baby! Yes, I am a mother to 4 Beautiful girls, step mom to a Wonderful son & daughter, a wife to one Handsome Hardworking Husband, a Big Sister to 6 unique sisters, a daughter of not only an awesome mom but my Best Friend, a Friend to many, an avid crafter, and full time photographer (not a hobbyist).

A Few other things about me…

  • I love love love Mexican Food (the people at 3 Amigos may know me and my kids by name)
  • Action Movies are my favorite
  • Don’t hate me, but I prefer the Mountains over the Beach (something about that sand I can never clean out of things). That being said, I do love my beach sessions
  • I am from Taylorsville, NC and moved to Elizabeth City in 2010
  • I ran for City Council in 2017 and that was a crazy experience (came in 3rd with first 2 spots getting the seat)
  • I can never decide what color I want my hair
  • I talk to my mom on the phone almost every day, but other than her… it’s hard for me to be on the phone because my girls decide that is the best time to have screaming matches 🙂
  • I don’t drink Coffee (I know… I know!) but OMG! Give me all the Sweet Tea!
  • I may have a slight addiction to Ice Cream
  • I am probably too open and use my life experiences to help others and my dream is to find someone to help and motivate people with stories like mine (long story, but I will tell you if you ask and don’t already know lol)
  • I use to be big into Martial Arts and won a State Championship in my division in sparring!
  • I ran track in high school and was a big band geek! I played trumpet and Baritone in high school {my husband prefers I not talk about that bahahaha}

I absolutely adore each of my clients & love creating lasting relationships with them!

I love working with Newborns… it’s my passion.

I have made newborn photography my focus from the 1st day I started this journey.

 I know how to get great images with babies safety always in mind!

Clients have called me the Baby Whisperer on many occasions!

 I dabble in all other photography… after all… I LOVE meeting new people and doing what I do!

Unicorns & Mermaids are some of my biggest Mini Sessions event… and I hold the most epic SANTA MINIS every year!  You should add that group so you don’t miss out on those details!

I truly believe my job is Capture Portraits that “Phlatter” your memories FOREVER!

I love what I do so much… and building relationships so much… that ALL of my closest friends are clients that turned friends!

Ok…. ok… enough about me!  I would seriously love to meet you if I haven’t already and add you to the Phlattery family!




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Now check out this quick shot of our Brady Bunch Crew (taken May 2015)! This was totally unplanned and thrown together.  We went to the studio for other reasons… I grabbed some prop clothing to throw on the smallest two… and decided to go for it!  The ones with headbands are my daughters… and the other cuties are my bonus babies!

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