Angel Baby’s 1st Birthday Session

This sweet little girl is turning One!  This is the 3rd time I’ve got to see her since Christmas and the first time I could get her outside!  I much prefer shooting outdoors (like most photographers).  I always get excited with first Birthday sessions.  I mean, what can be more fun than a cute little one… decked out in an over the top outfit that they normally couldn’t wear… and cool/fun props!

I love when I get new clients!  That being said, the best form of “Phlattery”… is when I get to keep shooting the same kiddos and watching them grow up in front of my camera.  I grow a bond with the child and their family!!!!  I absolutely love Angel Baby’s mom (and big brother for doing some of the crazy stuff we put him through)… and her awesome dad!  We can’t forget her amazing “Aunt” who is mother to Angel’s Best Friend (and another Photo Phlattery regular).  I have a feeling you are going to get to see the BFF’s together in a session we have been dying to do for almost a year now!

Ok, I will stop rambling.  Meet Angel Baby!  (and check out my Facebook page for a First and Second Birthday special good through today!)



"Omgeeee, it

“Omgeeee, it’s Bubble time!”



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