Baby Colbert Gender Reveal | Baby #4 | Boy or Girl

The moment you’ve all been waiting for!

I will make this quick!

I still find it hard to believe I am having baby #4.  As a kid, I would always say I would only have 2 children (Ones name would be Cyann Sky. None of my girls hold that name haha).  I  even tried to get them to tie my tubes after my first 2 were born (both were planned).  The docs said I was too young. (I knew I wanted my children early… I was always a momma bear). Then life throws you a curve ball!

I remarried (an awesome man with 2 children of his own)… and then came a new family!  We said we would start trying for a baby the following summer (2012), but God knew I would need Tenley and my pregnancy with her to make it through  ONE OF the hardest things I would ever go through during the summer of 2011!

She was born healthy and happy and so were we!  My husband made the calls to “Get Fixed”, but if you know us… you know we both are work-a-holics.  So he never made it!  Tenley started leaving the “baby stage” and then it became summer of 2013.  The first summer she was old enough to realize her older sisters would leave for the summer.  She was lonely!  When the summer was up… the reunion she had with her sisters… holding them and not letting go… made us realize… we needed baby #4!

So we decided to start trying!  We thought we would try “The Shettles Method” for a boy since I have 3 girls (and I am the oldest of 7 girls).  So I spent months of charting and prepping for D-day!  We started trying in November and (luckily) got pregnant the first time!

And that brings us to today…

I hope you enjoy our reveal!



Now meet Emory Ashlyne Colbert 

(We reserve the right to change the name if we come up with a much cooler one before birth haha)


And Emory’s Butt Butt



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  • Brittany - I absolutely love thisReplyCancel

  • Heather - Awesome reveal! Wish I was that creative with mine.ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - Love this! Must also add love the name, my one and only girl out of 4 is Sunday Emery (she goes by emery)ReplyCancel

  • Nikki - Pinned the reveal on Pinterest! Love your creativity! I have followed you for a while and must say that with each sneak peek, I am more amazed!ReplyCancel

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