This has been a wonderful year full of stunning brides and beautiful weddings!  I’m so bad at blogging, but want to make it a new goal to try to start.  What a perfect time to start than with Cate!  I already miss her! haha.  From engagements, bridals, to their beautiful day… Cate become more than a client!  Her family is just as amazing as she is!  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this couple!  I have no doubt it will be amazing!  Now, check out a few of my favorites I picked to show some key points from their day… LANDS END PLANTATION… is always such a stunning venue!


Now lets try this blog thing…




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Limited Edition Mermaid Mini

This will be the last event for 2017



Due to the limited spots available, cost of tails to hold the event, extra editing to receive that magic feel, and other factors…these are consider Limited Edition Minis and NO previous package or sale is transferable to this event.

September 21st with a Rain Date of October 10th {These will start an hour and a half prior to dark.}

FEES BELOW INCLUDE TAIL RENTAL ($50 may be deducted if you are providing your own tail).

Add $50 to any package below and one additional edited images if MOM would like to dress in a tail with child mermaid!

Package A – 10 Minute Session – 12 Digitally Enhanced Images – Print Release $225

Package B – 10 Minute Session – 7 Digitally Enhanced Images – Print Release  $175

Package C- 10 Minute Session – 3 Digitally Enhanced Images – Print Release $125

Tail Sizes

3T | Green tail Pictured above |  (Waist: 17″-21″ & Waist to Heel: 20″-24″)

6 | To Be Determined | (Waist: 21″-24″ & Waist to Heel: 24″-28″)

8 | To Be Determined | (Waist: 23″-25″ & Waist to Heel: 28″-32″)

10 |Blue Tail Pictured Below|  (Waist: 24″-27″ & Waist to Heel: 32″-34″)

Adult Small, Medium, &  Large tails available too! (ask me about colors!)

This set of minis will be done at the location pictured below as long as there are no unforeseen circumstances that cause me to choose another location!  Lighting and look of waves depends on conditions of that date.  


Below is an example of 2 galleries filled with over 100 images for moms to choose from & I narrowed it down to 7 Sneaks for each session below… to show you an example of a completed gallery.


How to book?  Email to reserve your spot!  These are the last event of this year and I may not be doing them again next year.


wmPhlattery-89 copywmLulu-31 copywmPhlattery-54 copywmLuLu-48 copywmPhlattery-128 copywmLulu-104 copynewPhlattery-163 copyNEWPhlattery-71 copyNewPhlattery-96 copyNewPhlattery-67 copynewPhlattery-31 copynewPhlattery-134 copynewPhlattery-7 copywmLulu-120


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I seriously can not believe Aubrey is ONE!

I’ve been watching her grow before my camera since her mom’s maternity session!  AND How freaking awesome is it.. that they make the drive from Virginia to see me for each milestone…. OMG… I am going to miss them now that she is one!

It’s so awesome having a job where clients turn friends… and you capture memories that will always be a part of these families lives!

Now…. go eat up her cuteness!

Oh yea, Have a little one you would like a Cake Smash session for? Ask me about my Cake Smash session!  You can even add the custom cake and balloons provided by me!

Cake for this session provided by Sugar Rush

wmPhlattery-15 copy

wmPhlattery-40 copywmPhlattery-11 copywmPhlattery-127 copywmPhlattery-190 copywmPhlattery-196 copywmPhlattery-245 copywmPhlattery-256 copywmPhlattery-269 copy

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I am so bad at blogging!  I’ve been telling my husband lately that I have to get back to trying to blog several times a week.  I get so focused in getting clients their galleries… I forget that others could enjoy them as much as I do.  It only felt fitting to start back my blogging with Livia’s Milk Bath Maternity session!

Livia chose me as her photographer several years ago when I did her first Maternity session.  I would then capture her newborn through first year milestone sessions with her sweet daughter Keely…. each session more epic than the previous!  Watching Keely grow as I watched my art grow.  Of course I was eager to capture Livia’s 2nd pregnancy.  When she made the announcement on her Facebook… I sat back in anticipation… never wanting to pressure or quilt anyone into choosing me as their photographer… and then it happened!!!  I can not begin to say how much of an honor it is to get to capture families as they grow…. to be chosen again… Livia and her family are now Phlattery family… they are my family!  I can not wait to meet this next little princess!  Ya’ll stay tuned for that session!

Now, here are just a few of the MANY favorites I have from her session!  You wouldn’t know it was hard to get schedule because we got rained out… you wouldn’t know Keely wasn’t in the picture taken mood… and that it was so hot that all of us where smiling through the discomfort.  You wouldn’t know that a storm was rolling in as we wanted that great window lighting for the milk bath and the window shots!  Again, another epic session with Livia and her beautiful growing family!

If you are pregnant or know some one who is… I would love to talk with you!  My schedule fills quickly so book fast!  I currently have a maternity special running!  15% off any Maternity package booked and paid in full at booking!  Save even more by booking your maternity session with a newborn session! Just ask me for more details!

wmPhlattery-131 copywmDSC_5240 copywmPhlattery-154 copywmDSC_5218 copywmDSC_5181bw copywmPhlattery-89 copywmPhlattery-110 copywmPhlattery-63 copy

I couldn’t decide… Color or B&W on this next one?

wmPhlattery-100bw copywmPhlattery-100 copy

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I have been wanting to do this session for over a year now… and so glad I made time to do it and will add it to the Photo Phlattery Limited Edition Minis schedule.

wmPhlattery-21 copywmPhlattery-25 copy

Here are just a few I grabbed to edit quickly of my youngest 2 daughters test shooting the session.

Even though this session had been in my head for over a year… I put it all together the day of.  You see, I had some clients going to do the test shoot with me the weekend prior and it was just too cold to get little ones wet.  However, we had a beautiful Monday.  I messaged the location that day and asked if I could work around my schedule and clear up that evening…would they be free too!

I ran to Walmart (lol)… brought some rain boots and bathing suits to match… and off we went.

I knew I wanted these of my girls too…. but had planned to do it later… so I had nothing for them to wear.  Believe it or not, my kids always end up being the last to get their pictures taken… Unless it’s a test shoot.

I am so glad I went a head and did this with them.  A quick session and I have 40 images of my kids that I just can’t let go of.  I normally only keep 3-4 images tops… when I do test shoots with my girls.  If I kept them all… I would need lots of extra hard drives.

These though… the laughter… the fun… the children being children… I can’t let them go… I will cherish these forever… smiles that can be faked or forced when you are jumping in puddles and getting nice and dirty.

Here are just a few I chose quickly to share with you guys!

If you want to create these memories too… see the details at the bottom of this post.

WMMuddyPuddleswmPhlattery-17 copy

wmPhlattery-1 copywmPhlattery-3 copywmPhlattery-4 copywmPhlattery-6 copywmPhlattery-8 copywmPhlattery-11 copywmPhlattery-12 copywmPhlattery-13 copy

wmPhlattery-10 copywmPhlattery-14 copyNo Previous Sale Package can be used with these Minis as they are LIMITED EDITION.

~~~ A little Piggy may or may not be in your shot 😉 Depending on Pigs mood lol ~~~

Dates May 28th, June 25th, and July 30th.

3 Package Options!

Each package option comes with Images sent via digital download with print release and a Watermarked proofing gallery provided for you to choose your images with your package!

*** 5 min with 5 images for $75 {not ideal for small kids that may need some time to get “dirty” LOL}

*** 10 min with 8 images for $100

*** 15 min with 15 images for $150

KNOW you will want your WHOLE Gallery? add $100 to your total and receive your whole gallery lightly edited as you would see in the proofing gallery. You can add it after the session for $150. I loved so many from my girls that I just had to add this option. Check comments for example of lightly edited image.

Fully Edited Additional images can be added after the session for one for $65, 3 for $65, or 7 for $100.

To claim your spot… leave your paypal email below along with the package you choose.. and date preferred. Once a date fills… you will be asked if another date works! Invoices must be paid within 12 hours from being sent since spots are limited!

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