A Muddy Puddles Kind of Session | Limited Edition

I have been wanting to do this session for over a year now… and so glad I made time to do it and will add it to the Photo Phlattery Limited Edition Minis schedule.

wmPhlattery-21 copywmPhlattery-25 copy

Here are just a few I grabbed to edit quickly of my youngest 2 daughters test shooting the session.

Even though this session had been in my head for over a year… I put it all together the day of.  You see, I had some clients going to do the test shoot with me the weekend prior and it was just too cold to get little ones wet.  However, we had a beautiful Monday.  I messaged the location that day and asked if I could work around my schedule and clear up that evening…would they be free too!

I ran to Walmart (lol)… brought some rain boots and bathing suits to match… and off we went.

I knew I wanted these of my girls too…. but had planned to do it later… so I had nothing for them to wear.  Believe it or not, my kids always end up being the last to get their pictures taken… Unless it’s a test shoot.

I am so glad I went a head and did this with them.  A quick session and I have 40 images of my kids that I just can’t let go of.  I normally only keep 3-4 images tops… when I do test shoots with my girls.  If I kept them all… I would need lots of extra hard drives.

These though… the laughter… the fun… the children being children… I can’t let them go… I will cherish these forever… smiles that can be faked or forced when you are jumping in puddles and getting nice and dirty.

Here are just a few I chose quickly to share with you guys!

If you want to create these memories too… see the details at the bottom of this post.

WMMuddyPuddleswmPhlattery-17 copy

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wmPhlattery-10 copywmPhlattery-14 copyNo Previous Sale Package can be used with these Minis as they are LIMITED EDITION.

~~~ A little Piggy may or may not be in your shot 😉 Depending on Pigs mood lol ~~~

Dates May 28th, June 25th, and July 30th.

3 Package Options!

Each package option comes with Images sent via digital download with print release and a Watermarked proofing gallery provided for you to choose your images with your package!

*** 5 min with 5 images for $75 {not ideal for small kids that may need some time to get “dirty” LOL}

*** 10 min with 8 images for $100

*** 15 min with 15 images for $150

KNOW you will want your WHOLE Gallery? add $100 to your total and receive your whole gallery lightly edited as you would see in the proofing gallery. You can add it after the session for $150. I loved so many from my girls that I just had to add this option. Check comments for example of lightly edited image.

Fully Edited Additional images can be added after the session for one for $65, 3 for $65, or 7 for $100.

To claim your spot… leave your paypal email below along with the package you choose.. and date preferred. Once a date fills… you will be asked if another date works! Invoices must be paid within 12 hours from being sent since spots are limited!

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