Newborn Cowboy, Fisherman, and hair to die for!

Sleeping FishermanLet me start off by saying I LOVE WHEN MOMS BRING THEIR OWN PROPS TOO!  Yes, I provide props!  That being said, I like new and different things.  I love when mom comes prepared with outfits she has found (normally from Etsy)… and we get to create unique works of art.  I highly recommend checking out Pintrest or even google “Newborn Photography” and draw some inspiration on the latest trends.  See what you like and come prepared… even if it’s just one outfit… you will be glad you did!

Now check out this handsome fellow!

"Just One More Minute MOM!"

“Just One More Minute MOM!

Newborn CowboyNewborn FishermanSmiling Newborn CowboyNewborn Caught a FishHead full of hair!

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