How To Prepare and What to Expect with Your Newborn Session

Photo Phlattery Newborn Session What to do & What to Expect

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Congratulations on this exciting new venture in life!  As a mother of 4 girls, I know how exciting this time can be!  You’ve taken the first steps and booked your session with a Photographer that is dedicated to Newborn Photography and capturing this special time with images that will stand the test of time!  It is extremely important not to settle on your newborn photographer.  A photographer that has trained and master newborn safety is always a must!  You also need a photographer that is prepared for the post processing editing after your newborn session.  Let’s face it, delivery can be hard on a baby’s body… jaundice is always something you may have to deal with… babies scratch their little faces… skin flakes… and yes!!!… babies get baby acne!  You need someone prepared to fix this issues so that all you see when you get your images back… is that perfect bundle of joy!!!!Smiling Newborn Cowboy

Newborns are best photographed when they are 6-10 days old. I will mark your due date on my Calendar.  However, I will not actually put you in as an appointment until I get that important phone call or message that you are in active labor or that baby is here :D.  I ask that you put me on your call list from the hospital when the baby is born. Or better yet assign that job to the new Daddy or a backup person! I shoot my Newborns on Tuesday’s & Thursdays between 9:00am and 6:00pm. I ask my moms to allow for a maximum session time of 3 hours.  Remember, we are on babies time!  If in the last hour it looks like we may not get those precious newborn shots, I will take some awake shots as well as have you hold baby.  (see below to find ways to ensure your baby is a sleepy baby).  I can take pictures in ways to not film your face  if you do not want to be in the photos. (I know some moms and dads don’t like to be in them).  I do ask that you wear solid color clothing (just incase).  For example a white shirt or a black shirt. I know it’s hard to get baby ready during those first weeks… let alone yourself!   REMEMBER, if you bring company with you, please bring on the necessity of people.  Keeping baby asleep can be hard with a crowd… and honestly… some guest become impatient.  (scroll down)


How to Prepare for Your Session

Let me know if you have prop ideas, theme ideas, or if you are bringing props of your own!  I can also give you a list of vendors I love and trust to get any special themes outfits that I may not have on hand.  Don’t feel like styling your session!  It’s ok… that’s what I love to do and I do have items on hand as well!  Most props you see here… in this blog are provided by me.

There are ways to help ensure we get those precious newborn shots. 

Please do the following to help:

As hard as it may be, try to keep your baby awake for the 2 hours prior to your session.

Dress in easy removable clothing.

If you live close to our session location, feed baby full (Milk Drunk) right before you head to your session.  If the drive is more than 25 minutes away, be prepared to feed baby full right when you arrive to my location.

Lavender Lotions (or if you can do a bath) also help your baby sleep.  Try giving them a good rub down right before you leave home!

When you get here, I will be doing the rest!  I have techniques to help soothe your little one so you can rest!

I may ask for your help with spotting your baby if I can not be within arms length.  I am extremely picky with my babies and practice extreme caution to insure they are safe through the entire session!

Don’t worry about those scratches that happens from time to time… or that baby Acne!  I will take care of that in post processing of your images. (scroll down)

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When Your Session is Over

14 days after the session or sooner, you will have a certain number of proofs (between 20-25 for a standard newborn session; 5-10 for a mini-session) uploaded to a password-protected online gallery from which you can order professional prints, share with family and friends so they can order, download your images, and pick your gift if you package comes with one!

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